On February 1st, Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 will enter into force indicating the rules for the regulation of explosives precursors. The regulation governs new rules with respect to certain chemicals and mixtures, with heavy implications regarding the use, purchase, possession and sale, both for private and professional users.

The updates will involve, among other substances, also sulfuric acid, the fundamental component of the descaling detergent of Ambro-Sol® – code P306. From 01/02/2021, the private user will no longer be able to freely purchase products with a concentration of sulfuric acid greater than 15%. Therefore the Ambro-Sol® descaling detergent will become exclusively for professional use.

Consequently, the product will no longer be considered an „over the counter product”. The purchase can only be made by the professional user, followed by an official document (e.g. invoice) that allows tracking.

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