In the face of executive measures and the consequent increase in disinfectants, Ambro-Sol has obtained an extension of the authorization from the Ministry of Health regarding the possibility of producing biocidal products belonging to the PT2 category.
The Ministry of Health has therefore promulgated an extension to authorizations notwithstanding the article 55 of the Biocides Regulation 528/2012. The latter regulates the placing on the market of biocides in order to ensure the protection of man and the environment.

All biocidal products can in fact be placed on the market only after obtaining a specific authorization. In exceptional situations, such as in the case of danger to public health, the State may authorize the placing on the market of disinfectant biocidal products (categories PT1, PT2, PT4) on an extraordinary basis.

The authorization issued by the Ministry of Health ensures that the products have been subjected to an accurate assessment aimed at certifying their quality and safety.
Ambro-Sol therefore reconfirms the availability of the product at its production plants.

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