For Ambro-Sol, Made in Italy is synonymous with quality and an essential link with the territory.

For this reason, in March 2020 the aerosol factory joined in cooperation with other companies in the province of Brescia to deal with the problems arising from the epidemiological and health emergency through technological innovation and a „smart” coordination method.

Thus was born #OrgoglioBresciano, a non-profit association initiative whose strength subsequently led to the establishment of the Human Economy Alliance Consortium of Companies. The alliance bases its mission on the promotion of an economy capable of bringing the human being and their wellbeing back to the center in terms of physical and mental health, while safeguarding the earth’s ecosystem.

Among the various activities, the Consortium deals with the study and implementation of products, plants and systems that can reduce the negative impacts on people’s health and the environment, as well as the development of training courses aimed at professional outplacement.

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