The commitment of the Italian factory continues
to support the circular economy and sustainable development

An innovative transformation for the creation of shared value has been undertaken by Ambro-Sol: the made in Italy aerosol factory has changed its legal form from a for-profit company to a Benefit company, committing itself to respecting high standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency.

Introduced in 2016 in Italy, second only to the USA where it was born in 2010, the Benefit Company (SB) represents an evolution of the business paradigm because it introduces the purpose of common benefit, which thus integrates with the traditional one of profit. By modifying the statute, Ambro-Sol has therefore chosen to pursue the promotion of a culture oriented to the protection and safeguarding of the environment, generating a positive impact on society and the biosphere through the implementation of a circular economy system.

In compliance with the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, the factory will focus on research and innovation to mitigate environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions. Efficient interventions will also be structured to reduce the effects of waste resulting from production activities and contribute to the regeneration of natural and environmental systems.


RESPONSIBILITY: stakeholder involvement

In addition to profit sharing, the company will foster healthy work and leisure environments that attract and enable the professional growth of talented people, supporting projects and partnerships with national or foreign, public or private entities. The flexibility achieved with the new statute will be necessary to create value for stakeholders in the long term, always taking into account the stakeholders in decision-making processes.

TRANSPARENCY: a clear and shared path

At the end of each annuity, Ambro-Sol will be required to communicate the results achieved relating to the common benefit, including the social and environmental impact generated, using the international external evaluation standard B Impact Assessment (BIA) with the utmost transparency. The report will also present the description of the objectives and actions implemented, together with any circumstances that prevented or slowed their implementation, and the plan of future targets both in the interest of shareholders and the general public.

In our 25 years of history, in which we have set up branches in Poland, France, Spain and the USA with distribution in over 50 countries internationally – declares Daniele Ambrosini, CEO of Ambro-Solwe have always believed as a family in urgency of sustainable development. Being the first benefit company in the aerosol sector in the world makes us proud, even if for many it may seem an unpopular choice in commercial terms. Taking this path is essential to protect our mission and distinguish ourselves on the market thanks to a virtuous legal form to protect employees and the community, in which we have our roots .”

COHERENCE: a 360° corporate culture

A respectful and sustainable exploitation of natural and energy resources has always been a priority for the Lombard company, so much so that it has obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 certification to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

The factory has also adopted the 231 Organizational Model aimed at optimizing corporate communications, relations with stakeholders and implementing transparency with respect to roles and responsibilities in corporate management.
Promoter of an economy capable of bringing the human being and the relative well-being in physical and psychological terms back to the center, Ambro-Sol finally contributed to the foundation of #OrgoglioBresciano, a non-profit associative initiative whose strength subsequently led to the establishment of the Human Economy Alliance Consortium of Companies.